A big thank you to HumanX | VIA Don Bosco

A big thank you to HumanX

For its precious help during the recruitment of our new communications officer

6 juli 2020
For more than a year, VIA Don Bosco has been looking for a new communications officer to expand the Communications and Fundraising team. Until then, our recruitment process had been laborious: too many candidates did not fit the profile we were looking for and the process was long and tedious. That's when Abibou Ndiaye and Thibault Martin, the two co-founders of HumanX, offered to help us in our search for the unicorn. A look back at this fruitful collaboration with this recruitment agency.

How did it all started?

Abibou Ndiaye: "All started when Eric Henrotte, the Coordinator of VIA Don Bosco's Communications and Fundraising team, contacted us for some recruitment advice: how to better target candidates, how to contact them and where to find them? After a short reflection, HumanX proposed to offer the recruitment service so that VIA Don Bosco could focus on its primary mission: support the education and employment of young people in Africa and Latin America. We had recently hired a consultant, Roxanne Van Eycken, who has done her utmost to carry out this mission."


What prompted you to offer your help?

Thibault Martin: "At HumanX, we share similar values to those of VIA Don Bosco. Indeed, we work every day putting the human being at the centre of our interests. After the first talk with Eric, we quickly understood that the person he was looking for was not just anyone: it was not only a question of finding someone who would match the required skills, but who could also fit perfectly into the particular culture of an NGO."

Abibou Ndiaye: "Recruitment remains a process that takes time, as well as financial and human resources. Having contacts in the sector and a newly arrived consultant, we felt it was appropriate to entrust her with this file to help VIA Don Bosco find the unicorn who would fulfil the functions of communications officer."


Does this collaboration with VIA Don Bosco encourage you to repeat this experience? 

Thibault Martin: "Yes! This successful experience has led us to imagine a more regular form of collaboration with structures similar to that of an NGO like VIA Don Bosco."


What do you think of your collaboration with HumanX?

Filip Lammens, Director of VIA Don Bosco: "Our collaboration with HumanX is a perfect example of the solidarity that can exist between two organizations that share the same values. Thanks to their professionalism, their skills and their commitment, the HumanX team has enabled us to carry out a much broader and more qualitative recruitment process than we would have been able to do without them."

Eric Henrotte: "This wonderful initiative of HumanX shows the generosity of their team and their great sense of solidarity. I would like to personally highlight the quality of their advice and selection process. Thanks to them, we were able to focus on the top candidates, which saved us a lot of time (and money). The HumanX team understood very quickly our expectations in terms of recruitment. They helped me to sort out the 'must have' and 'nice to have' of the candidates, and thanks to their network, our advertisement was widely spread on LinkedIn. Abibou, Thibault and Roxanne were very professional and rigorous in the interviews they conducted. I would like to sincerely thank all three of them for their precious help: it means a lot to us at VIA Don Bosco! Thanks to them, we have found our unicorn: Valérie Moré came to strenghten our communication team a few weeks ago!"

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